Whole Child Wellness offers individualized occupational therapy, groups and wellness yoga for children, adults and businesses. Sign up today! 

Individualized Occupational Therapy- Home , clinic or community-based 1:1 sessions for children aged 0-21 focusing on behavior or specific skills. Each child will receive an evaluation and individualized treatment plan, realistic goal setting session, and individualized therapy and consultation to parents and caregivers.  Your child will need a doctor prescription for this service and most insurance plans are accepted. Out of Pocket Investment: $200/evaluation, treatment sessions $160/hour, co-pays vary depending on your plan. 

Summer Programs- Whole Child Wellness, LLC aims to bridge the gap between specialized instruction in the school setting and the individual outpatient therapies by providing small therapeutic learning classes (TLC) designed by Carly Messner, a highly qualified, passionate occupational therapist and yoga teacher. Each session integrates a learning opportunity that is empowering, enriching, calming to the senses, and graded to provide the “just-right-challenge” where the real learning occurs. Children need not have a medical diagnoses to participate in TLCs. Classes are designed to reduce the stigma associated with your child's challenges and encourage all youth to reach their potential. Check website frequently for TLC schedule updates! Variety of group based classes for children of varying developmental levels. $35-$50/class average- Sliding scale fees and scholarships available.

SENSE-ational Playgroups- SENSE-ational Playgroups are fun, low pressure opportunities to learn simple social skills, functional communication, and self-esteem. $200/4 week session

Picky Eater Evaluation/TreatmentIn home, family-focused therapy to improve your child's food repertoire and ability to function appropriately at the dinner table. Your child will need a doctor prescription for this service and some insurance plans are accepted. Out of Pocket Investment: $200/evaluation, starting at $160/hr per session, co-pays vary depending on your plan.

Sensory Diets- Includes a sensory evaluation, equipment recommendations and home-based consulting sessions to teach safe equipment use at home and installation of some equipment such as swings, lighting covers, or other tailored equipment to fit your child's unique sensory needs. Caregiver participation is mandatory. Out of Pocket Investment: Starting at $300

Birth-3 Consultant Services: Provides free occupational therapy services to children ages birth-3 through the state of South Dakota. Enroll here.

1:1 Yoga Session for Children or Adults-combining slow moving poses and supportive props to help you unwind from the week, set intentions to reach your goals and find pain relief.  All levels welcomed! $50/hour

Yoga Classes- Yoga and mindfulness classes for varying age groups to work on motor skills, coordination, and self-regulation. Check Facebook for group class updates.

Workshops- Yoga workshops and education for your business or classroom. Call for details! 605-388-2993